PMB Tobacco

The competence of our organization is the combination of a great flexibility and more than 85 year experience in tobacco. We enable technology together with customers and add extra value by our.

Development and engineering to order capabilities. PMB Tobacco has customers all over the world, including many multinationals. Our sales engineers, with practical application know-how can advise you about our machinery and also additional equipment and if required complete production lines. We can deliver turnkey, this includes installation and service by our own service engineers.

PMB Tobacco is aware of the importance of uptime of production equipment. This reflects on the quality of the components we choose for our machines, but also our hands-on service organization and fast spare part delivery at competitive prices.

Headquarters of PMB Tobacco is located in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and responsible for development, production, service and sales. Our office in Richmond (USA) is supporting activities in sales, service and parts for the Americas, Canada en Mexico. This North American presence was established in 1980 with the opening of the U.S. facility in Richmond, Virginia.

PMB Tobacco is a brand of VDLPMB-UVA b.v. which is part of the successful VDL Groep. VDL Groep is well known for manufacturing machine components, machinery, equipment and automotive/buses. VDL controls 104 subsidiaries and employs more than 17.000 individuals in 20 countries.

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