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High Speed Over Rolling Machine

The fastest over rolling machine in the whole wide world is the HSO with a speed of 450 cigars per minute. Because the HSO machine is equipped with 13 rolling devices the speed per double length cigar is not more than 450 (cigars per minute) : 2 (double length) : 13 (rolling devices) = 17,5 over rolls per rolling device per minute which is equal to a conventional over rolling machine, so the quality for each cigar is guaranteed.

The HSO in the latest execution is equipped with 4 servo motors which take care of an ideal drive system in which all movement follows exactly in their sequence

The rotating glue needle takes care for the best way of gluing which guarantees that also double length cigars are always glued in the correct way and there will be no loose wraps even after middle cutting of the double length cigar.

HSO is available in 2 executions:

    HSO natural wrapper
    HSO–Nt -200, for cigars with a natural wrapper, maximum speed 200 double length 
    products per minute is 400 cigars per minute.

    HSO homoginised wrapper
    HSO – Bt - Servo, for cigars with homogenised wrapper, maximum speed 225 double 
    length products per minute is 450 cigars per minute.

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