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Twin-arm Over Rolling Machine

One of PMB’s latest developments is the TOM. This twin-arm over rolling machine is on one side based on experience and proven technique. For instance the system of the top cams which take care of the movement of the leaf carriers can be compared with the top cams of the MI’s and BUD’s or the tension can with the double gearwheel which takes care of the speed of the leaf carriers which can be compared with the tension cam of the AMF 2-66 or 2-70 machines. While on the other side the machine is based on the newest technical state of art like a servomotor which drives the rolling device in order to follow each step of the leaf carrier with its exact controlled and fast changing speed even the servo controller has the PLC built in itself in order not to loose any precious communication time even if you are talking about milliseconds. Also very important is the rotating hollow glue needle which together with the glue pump takes care for the best way of gluing which guarantees that also double length cigars are always glued in the correct way and there will be no loose wraps even after middle cutting.

TOM is available in 3 executions:  

* TOM closed head, for cigars with a natural wrapper and a closed head, maximum speed ± 50 cigars per minute.

* TOM high speed, for cigars with a natural wrapper if applicable in double length, maximum speed ± 120 double length products per minute is 240 cigars per minute.

* TOM DD (direct driven) is an upgrade of PMB´s well known TOM natural wrapper overrolling machine.
It overrolls a bunch (semi finished product) with natural wrapper (supplied from bobines) with a speed of 120+ cpm.





Benefits of TOM series

  • Produces all popular cigar types
  • Fast change over time
  • Speeds upto 85 CPM

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