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Finishing line 

Finishing line = 100 Series

Now that the cigar is ready you still can give it the last finishing touch. For the ones who like a tipped cigar there is the TP-100 and for giving the cigar some extra charm a die-cut band can be placed around it with the S-100 or even more a piece of cedar wood can be wrapped around the cigar with the W-100. A closed head cigar can be hole pierced on a PA-100 while the ends of the cigar can be trimmed off on the TR-100. All these machines can be fed with cigars by the JL-100 hopper feeder and last but certainly not least each cigar can be individually film wrapped with our world famous C-100 for an elegant packing of just to keep the humidity level of the cigar on the right spot. All of these machines can be linked into one line which is called the finishing line. After this the cigar is ready to be presented to the world.

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