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Leaf Cutting and Bobbin Winding Machine 

PMB Tobacco's latest developed bobbin making machine, the MBF-90, is built on experience. As PMB invented and started the development . of the now worldwide known and used bobbin system, the importance of a good bobbin became very clear. With the MBF-90 not only the tension of the winding of the bobbin is exact controlled but also the tension of the bobbin material during the unwinding of the empty bobbin. Also a side control unit controls the edge of the bobbin in order to end with a perfect straight bobbin.

KISS (Keep It Save and Simple) has been the keyword during the development of the MBF-90. The winding unit, based on reliable simple mechanical techniques, is built on an overhauled MID or MIL rolling machine bed of which also the existing cutting unit is used.



Benefits of MBF Series:


  • Speeds up to 85 CPM
  • Produces all popular cigar types
  • Maintenance free bearings




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