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Cigar end and middle cutting machine

A nice good looking cigar has to look good in detail as well. That is why it is important that the cigar has a good straight cut at the fire end and, if applicable, also at the mouth end. Also with filter cigars it is important to have a nice clean cut.

This all can be realised with the C 2000 cigar end and middle cutting machine. This C 2000 which is equipped with circular knives makes a perfect cut through the cigar even at a high speed.

The double lane C 2000 cutting machine is often used for double length cigars which brings the speed from 200 (machine speed) times 2 (double lane) times 2 (double length cigars) is equal to 800 nice cut cigars per minute.

The C 2000 cigar end and middle cutting machine is often seen in combination with a H 2000  high speed automatic cigar feeding device and / or a P 2000 cigar perforating machine and a discharge belt.


Benefits of C-2000

  • Speeds up to 800 CPM
  • Most felxible: each cutting unit separate adjustable


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