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Cigar film wraping machine

Whether it is meant to give the cigar an extra protection or to keep the humidity of the cigar on the exact level, a cigar always looks good and remains fresh when it is film wrapped by a C-100 film wrapping machine. Some time ago film wrapping of cigars was done by cellophane or on occasion by paper, but now polypropylene is mainly used and laminate films are becoming more and more popular.

For the C-100 film wrapping machine this is no problem at all for it will handle cellophane, polypropylene, laminate films as well as paper. This film wrap can easily be opened by a tear strip or a roll band which is added to the film on the C-100 film wrapping machine.

The C-100 cigar film wrapping machine can be equipped with an in feed table for manual feeding of the cigars or with a JL-hopper feeder for automatic feeding. Although the C-100 film wrapping machine is often seen as a standalone unit it is also a lot of times one of the machines in combination with other PMB-100 series machine, for example a S-100 single die-cut banding machine.




Benefits of C-100

  • Speeds up to 160 CPM
  • Full 100% seal
  • Handling all types of film

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