PMB Tobacco

PMB Tobacco

PMB Tobacco, the Original cigar machinery company,  has become a worldwide quality brand in more than 70 years that we are active in the market for machinery: making bunches, overrolling bunches, finishing and packing cigars.

The tobacco division of VDL PMB-UVA International has a broad assortment of machinery to manufacture quality cigars and a strong, professional, global after sales service. Our latest development is a high speed and flexible overroll machine. Innovative but also based on proven principles and complying with state-of-the-art standards.


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PMB Tobacco
Langendijk 10
5652 AX Eindhoven
T: +31 (0)40 - 282 50 00
F: +31 (0)40 - 282 50 01
E: sales@pmb-tobacco.com

Working at PMB

We seek professionals with a desire to work towards their own development and that of PMB Tobacco!

PMB Tobacco


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