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PMB was formally founded in 1946 even though the abbreviation has been in existence since 1935. It came about when the tobacco concern Mignot & de Block started to sell their internally developed cigar banding machine through the company Progrès Mécanique Bruxelles (PMB).  Since the abbreviation PMB was so well known in the tobacco industry it was purposely retained and the name Patent Machine Bouw attached to it.

In 1947 PMB bought the company P. van der Heiden, which had a special program consisting of primary tobacco machinery.
In the years following the Second World War the tobacco industry required equipment for the production of cigarettes and cigars and PMB became well known in the tobacco industry worldwide.

In 1961, PMB's largest competitor, Arenco of Sweden, purchased 50% of the shares of PMB and later in 1968 became the 100% owner. The name was subsequently changed into Arenco-PMB, which remained that way until 1980. At this time Arenco decided to cease all tobacco related activities and the company returned to trading as PMB once more. This is how PMB came to not only represent of PMB equipment, but also the full range from Arenco. In 1992 PMB purchased the last remains of the Arenco factory in Sweden.

The business in the United States of America became a major part of the Groups turnover, which necessitated PMB, Inc. to be established in Richmond, VA in 1980. PMB, Inc. also became a representative of former competitors AMF and York.

In later years PMB decided to diversify their business activities into the packaging industry. They started this venture by purchasing UVA, a supplier of vertical form, filling and sealing machines.

In 2003 VDL Groep purchased PMB Tobacco and changed the company name into PMB-UVA International.

In 2005 PMB Tobacco extended its assortment in finishing and handling machinery originally produced by Maveco Tobacco support.

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